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3408E engine machine / PM-565 cold planer assembly 1087090 pump gp-fuel injection

CategoryFuel Pump
OEM NO.108-7090 pump gp-fuel injection
SectionFuel System
For Model3408E Engine Machine(99C) / PM-565 Cold Planer(3TK)
Product description
Fuel Pump
Specifition for 1087090 PUMP GP-FUEL INJECTION assembly:
Assembly Part NO.: 1087090 PUMP GP-FUEL INJECTION
Media Title: PM-565 Cold Planer, Powered By 3408 Engine
Section: Fuel System
For Model: 3408E Engine Machine (99C), PM-565 Cold Planer (3TK)
Ref Part Number Name Qty NPR Note
1 2P3206 BOLT-WASHER HEAD 4 Y 3/8-16X2-IN
2 1A5964 BOLT 11.43 cm(4.5 in.) long 1 Y LG; 4.5IN; 11.43CM
3 1191708 ELBOW 1 Y -
4 1117916 INJECTOR GP-FUEL 1 Y -
4 1388756 INJECTOR GP-FUEL 1 Y -
5 1079326 CLAMP-INJECTOR 1 Y -
6 3E6747 SEAL O RING 1 Y 32.99 MM ID
7 9X7681 SEAL O RING 1 Y 18.77MM ID
8 1167221 SEAL RECTANGULAR 2 Y -
BILDID: g00086488
IESCN: KEBP01830101
108-7090 PUMP GP-FUEL INJECTION S/N 99C1887-4494 PART OF 123-0205 ENGINE AR
Assembly 108-7090 PUMP GP-FUEL INJECTION is avaliable for 99C 3408E Engine Machine, but actual situation depends on your really model / equipemt, if you have any questions about 1087090 will be correctly installed or not, please contact our online tech-support.
Reference: 108-7090 Fuel Pump also avaliable for these model / assembly:
  • 3408E Engine Machine (99C) Engine Arrangement 1230205 ENGINE AR
    123-0205 ENGINE AR S/N 99C1-4494 PART OF 128-4073 GENERAL AR
The above list means 1087090 PUMP GP-FUEL INJECTION suitable for these model / assembly, items are listed in the reference list according to the parts EPC , any issue please contact our online tech-support.
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